Ooredoo Tunisia Partners with LigaData for Advanced Data Platform to Drive Digital Transformation

Ooredoo Tunisia adopts LigaData’s Data Platform 4.0 for scalable, cost-effective data management, boosting customer experience and innovation.

Ooredoo Tunisia, an operating unit of the leading telecommunications company in the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia, has selected the LigaData Data Platform 4.0 to enable Ooredoo to transform its data management capabilities at scale, allowing the company to enhance customer experience, grow revenue, and drive operational efficiency.

We are pleased to partner with LigaData to implement a scalable and cost-effective data platform in our Tunisia operations. This partnership aligns with our strategy to drive digital transformation across our operations and enhance our customer experience. With the LigaData Data Platform we can leverage the power of open-source technology to unlock new insights from our data and drive innovation.

Mansoor Rashid Al-Khater, CEO, Ooredoo

The LigaData Data Platform is a cutting edge data management product designed to handle diverse data types including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data from various sources such as network events, OSS, BSS, databases, applications, sensors, logs, and more. Ooredoo Tunisia will leverage this platform for scalable, cost-effective data storage and management, allowing significant cost savings compared to other data lakehouse and warehouse alternatives, and eliminates the need for upfront schema design or data transformations. It promotes data exploration, ad-hoc analysis, and flexible data processing. The LigaData Data Platform comes with full enterprise support and available Professional Services and Managed Services for implementing and ongoing support.

We are thrilled to work with Ooredoo as they look to transform their data strategy. Our LigaData Data Platform will allow Ooredoo to unlock the full potential of their data assets and drive more meaningful customer experiences. We are confident that our partnership will be a great success.

Bassel Ojjeh, CEO, LigaData

LigaData’s innovative LigaData Data Platform will serve as the foundation for Ooredoo Tunisia’s big data management system, facilitating a seamless migration from its existing legacy data infrastructure. By leveraging the LigaData Data Platform, Ooredoo Tunisia will experience a transformation in its data management capabilities, allowing for enhanced operational efficiency and improved return on investment.

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