sirar by stc and SAR Collaboration Bolsters National Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure in Saudi Arabia.

The strategic collaboration bolsters national cybersecurity, ensuring top-tier safety for critical infrastructure in Saudi Arabia.

stc group, the engine of digital transformation, announces a strategic partnership between its subsidiary, sirar by stc, and the Saudi Railway Company (SAR), the owner and operator of railway networks in Saudi Arabia. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the realm of Information Technology and technological innovation within the Kingdom’s critical infrastructure. This will facilitate an alliance for a strategic move to deepen the national expertise in cybersecurity and technology within critical infrastructure sectors.

sirar by stc, specializing in comprehensive cybersecurity services, will provide advanced solutions to safeguard SAR’s extensive railway network, contributing to the safety and security assurance of travel and cargo transport across the Kingdom. This partnership extends beyond mere connectivity; it’s about securing and propelling the nation forward through technological excellence. The deal reflects a long-term commitment to continuous improvement, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence, ensuring that the Kingdom’s railway system operates at the highest international standards. It also sets a precedent for future collaborations, showcasing how both sector partnerships can drive forward national objectives in technology and security.

In conclusion, this agreement reflects stc group and the Saudi Railways (SAR)’s unwavering dedication to bolstering secure communication services and improving connectivity across the Kingdom’s road networks. This also continues the group’s ongoing leadership in fostering innovation within the ICT sector not only secures a promising future but also elevates the Kingdom’s position in the realm of technology.

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