Airtel and gnuGrid CRB Launch Uganda’s First Mobile Credit Score for Swift and Inclusive Financial Assessment

Uganda debuts Mobile Credit Score by Airtel and gnuGrid CRB, transforming credit assessment and fostering inclusion.

In an event held at Serena Hotel, Uganda witnessed the launch of its inaugural Mobile Credit Score, a collaborative effort between Airtel Mobile Commerce Uganda Limited and gnuGrid CRB.

Mr. Japhet ARITHO, MD of Airtel Money, expressed the transformative impact of the Mobile Credit Score during the launch. This innovation enables lending companies to swiftly assess the creditworthiness of any customer within the Airtel database, revolutionizing the traditionally lengthy credit evaluation process.

Airtel Money holds data from 14 million wallets, empowering financial institutions to monitor credit scores and extend credit to customers. We are unlocking potential, creating opportunities, removing financial barriers, and making dreams achievable.

Mr. Japhet ARITHO, MD, Airtel Money

The Founder of gnuGrid CRB, Opio Obwangamoi David, reiterated this sentiment, highlighting the collaboration’s role in introducing the first-ever indigenous mobile credit score system, thereby facilitating financial inclusion.

I am excited to unveil a new digital innovation that will unlock numerous opportunities, particularly for those in the last mile. Today marks a remarkable impact on the journey of financial inclusion, providing data not available to traditional banks for extending meaningful services to those traditionally excluded.

Opio Obwangamoi David, Founder, gnuGrid CRB 

The event concluded with a keynote speech from Mr. moses ogwapus, Commissioner of the Financial Services Department at the Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development who commended gnuGrid and Airtel Money for their groundbreaking initiative, recognizing its potential to reshape the financial landscape and foster inclusive economic development.

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