Orange Money Facilitates Banking Experience, Easing Transactions and Access for Consumers

Orange Money introduces swift account opening, transcending mobile operators. Remote access via app enhances inclusivity and convenience.

Orange Madagascar has introduced features to its Orange Money service, making it possible for users to open their own accounts in just 5 minutes, regardless of their mobile operator.

Frédéric Debord, the General Manager of Orange Madagascar, and Mathieu Berthelot, the General Manager of Orange Money Madagascar, unveiled two significant additions to the Orange Money platform on Thursday. These updates aim to enhance the existing array of services and promote accessibility:

  1. Open an Account Regardless of Operator: Users can now open an Orange Money account irrespective of their mobile operator, providing a more inclusive experience.
  2. Remote Account Opening: Introducing a first in Madagascar and the Indian Ocean, customers can now open an Orange Money account without the need to visit a physical location. This streamlined process is facilitated through the “Orange Money Afrique” mobile application.

By entering their active mobile number in Madagascar through the app, customers, including any adult, gain access to a reference mobile money account and a convenient payment method. This innovative approach aims to democratize access to mobile money services, offering a user-friendly solution to a broader audience.

Orange Madagascar’s commitment to providing accessible and efficient financial solutions is reflected in these new features, marking a significant step forward for the mobile money landscape in the region.

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