Airtel Africa Plans Major Data Center in Lagos, Emphasizes Digital Growth

Airtel Africa unveils a plan for a significant data center in Lagos, aiming to boost digital growth across Africa.

In a recent announcement on LinkedIn, Airtel Africa shared the company’s ambitious initiative to establish one of the largest data centers in Africa. The revelation came during a meeting with Nigeria’s President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The proposed facility, part of Airtel’s Nxtra by Airtel data center business, is strategically planned for Lagos to cater to the escalating digital economy in Africa. It aims to provide open, reliable, and sustainable data center capacity, catering to enterprises, startups, SMEs, and government entities.

Dr. Ogunsanya emphasized the pivotal role these data centers would play in fostering business growth across Africa by ensuring quicker access to digital services and reducing data management costs. The project aligns with Airtel Africa’s broader strategy to establish a comprehensive network of high-capacity data centers, strategically positioned in key cities across its operational footprint, complementing existing edge sites. The move underscores the company’s commitment to fortifying and advancing Africa’s digital infrastructure.

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