Airtel Uganda Named Internet Partner for the 19th Non-Aligned Movement Summit

Airtel Uganda commits to enhancing digital connectivity and supporting the NAM Summit with internet services and infrastructure.

Airtel Uganda is the Internet Partner for the 19th Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Uganda.

This announcement was made during a press briefing held today in Kampala at the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance offices, where Dr. Aminah Zawedde, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, and Manoj Murali, the Managing Director of Airtel, jointly delivered the statement.

During the briefing, Airtel Uganda Managing Director manoj murali underscored Airtel Uganda’s broader role beyond tech infrastructure, stating, “We are not mere observers; we are integral contributors to a global narrative of progress and innovation. Central to this narrative is the transformative power of digital connectivity – a force that unites, educates, and empowers,” Mr. Murali declared.

Emphasizing the spirit of digital inclusivity and progress, Mr. Murali added that Airtel Uganda is proud to affirm its mission: to bridge the digital divide and forge strong connections through the unparalleled capabilities of the internet.

Airtel Uganda reasserts its commitment to being more than a telecommunications company. We are a driving force for progress, an agent of transformation, and staunch believers in the unlimited potential of our nations united in purpose.

Manoj Murali, Managing Director, Airtel Uganda  

Dr. Aminah Zawedde, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, expressed gratitude to Airtel Uganda for responding to the ministry’s call to partner in organizing the NAM Summit Ug 2024.

In conference preparations, we sought partnerships for a successful summit. Airtel is a key supporter, providing crucial connectivity for our delegates. I appreciate the generosity that our partners have shown us.

Dr. Aminah Zawedde, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of ICT and National Guidance

David Birungi, MCIPR, Airtel’s PR and Corporate Communications Manager, highlighted the support provided by Airtel, including an alternate fibre connection to the convention centre, 500 SIM cards for delegates, each loaded with $15 worth of airtime, amplification of the 5G network around the convention centre and surrounding areas, and much more.

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