RMB and KOKO Collaborate on Pioneering Carbon Financing for Green Energy Transition in Africa

RMB and KOKO’s strategic partnership focuses on advancing green energy transition and carbon financing initiatives in Africa.

RMB has announced a strategic partnership with climate technology leader KOKO, where it has acted as the lead mandated arranger and financier for a pioneering carbon financing solution, to further propel KOKO’s climate objectives.

In Africa, over 900 million people cook with polluting fuels like charcoal, directly driving millions of hectares of deforestation and over 600,000 deaths from household air pollution each year, and emitting greenhouse gases that are similar in scale to the global aviation industry. To solve this problem, a continent-wide energy transition to clean and modern fuels is required.

KOKO is leading this transition, replacing demand for charcoal through supplying over 1.1 million homes with bioethanol cooking fuel distributed through a dense network of high-tech KOKO Fuel ATMs located in thousands of corner stores across urban Kenya. The resultant carbon revenues are shared with households as a non-government energy subsidy, enabling even the poorest households to switch.

We are proud to partner with KOKO in supporting their continued rapid growth while bringing far more affordable and lower emissions energy to millions of people in Africa. As a pan-African investment bank, this deal fits well within our ambition to build a market leading carbon trading and finance business operating across Africa, serving both existing and new clients.

Phil Norton, Carbon Finance Lead, RMB

We’ve been looking for an entrepreneurial banking partner that understands Africa, climate markets and technology. We are proud to embark on this long-term partnership with RMB to help accelerate the expansion of KOKO’s platform across Africa.

Greg Murray, CEO & Co-Founder, KOKO

Partnering with KOKO will help develop the African carbon market and will align closely with the Nairobi Declaration, Africa’s recently communicated strategy on using carbon as a mechanism to help finance Africa’s Energy transition.

Nigel Beck, Head of Sustainable Finance and ESG Advisory, RMB

The Nairobi Declaration was delivered at the close of the Africa Climate Summit in Kenya in September this year and forms a core part of Africa’s negotiating position at the COP28 climate summit currently underway.

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