Exclusive Networks Africa Strengthens Cybersecurity Arsenal Through Partnership with Proofpoint

Exclusive Networks Africa collaborates with Proofpoint, enhancing digital security in East Africa, West Africa, and the Indian Ocean Islands.

Exclusive Networks Africa has secured a distribution agreement with cybersecurity leader Proofpoint. The deal covers marketing, sales, and support for Proofpoint’s solutions across East Africa, West Africa, and the Indian Ocean Islands.

This strategic partnership enhances digital security measures for businesses in the specified regions, addressing evolving cyber threats. The collaboration leverages Proofpoint’s expertise and Exclusive Networks Africa’s market reach to deliver advanced cybersecurity solutions, fortifying defenses against cyber threats.

Email remains the number one threat vector, with cybercriminals consistently using social engineering attacks to target organisation’s employees and trick them into falling victim to attacks. Proofpoint protects organisations’ greatest assets and biggest risks: their people. With an integrated suite of cloud-based solutions, Proofpoint integrates a people-centric view into its security platform to easily identify vulnerable users and create a tailored security approach to best protect each individual employee, across multiple cloud platforms.

Mark Bennett, Senior Director Channel, Northern Europe, Middle East & Africa

Through our relationship with Proofpoint, we have partnered with a specialist cybersecurity company that is recognised by Gartner and uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in its offering. Cybersecurity requires speed and Proofpoint’s use of innovation and disruption to deliver partner value makes excellent logical and business sense. We are very pleased to have found an excellent partner fit with the company.

Anton Jacobsz, Managing Director, Exclusive Networks Africa

Proofpoint analyses more human communications than any other cybersecurity company. And our partner’s customers benefit from one of the largest and most diverse global cybersecurity data pipelines across email, the cloud, and mobile computing.

This extended collaboration with Exclusive Networks delivers first-class cybersecurity protection that meets the needs of all organisations facing today’s fast-evolving threat landscape and further enforces Proofpoint’s commitment to its channel business in Africa and across EMEA as a whole.

Mark Bennett, Senior Director Channel, Northern Europe, Middle East & Africa

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