NCC Warns Against Unauthorized Use of 5.4 GHz Frequency Band

Nigerian Communications Commission mandates licensed use, warns of legal consequences for unauthorized operators.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has issued a stern warning against the unauthorized use of the 5.4 GHz frequency band spanning 5.430 to 5.725 GHz range in the country. In an official statement, the NCC clarified that this frequency band is licensed, and any transmission of signals or use of equipment on this band without obtaining a proper frequency license is illegal.

The NCC emphasized that all telecommunications service providers, private/public organizations, or individuals using the 5.4 GHz frequency band across the country must adhere to Section 122 of the Nigerian Communications Act (NCA), 2003. Operating on any frequency not duly assigned by the Commission is considered a criminal offense, and the consequences may include imprisonment, sanctions, and confiscation of equipment used for illegal services.

To enforce compliance, the NCC has issued a 14-day Enforcement Notice to all unlicensed operators on the 5.4 GHz frequency band, urging them to cease transmission and usage of equipment without proper authorization from the Commission. After the stipulated deadline, the Commission will initiate appropriate enforcement actions, including prosecution, fines, and confiscation of equipment involved in the unauthorized transmission of services.

The NCC also highlighted that detailed regulatory provisions for the deployment of services on the entire 5GHz band can be found in the “Guidelines for Deployment of Broadband Services on the 5.2-5.9GHz band.”

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