AXIAN Telecom Announces Free au Sénégal’s Successful Acquisition of 5G License

AXIAN celebrates the milestone, anticipating 5G’s transformative impact on industries, education, healthcare, and beyond in Senegal.

In a significant development, AXIAN Telecom has announced that Free au Sénégal has secured its 5G license, marking a crucial step towards ushering in a new era of connectivity and innovation in Senegal.

This achievement underscores Free au Sénégal’s dedication to advancing technology and delivering cutting-edge solutions to the local community. With the advent of 5G, the company envisions a transformative impact across various sectors, including industries, education, and healthcare.

The broader community is invited to join in celebrating this milestone, recognizing the potential positive effects that 5G connectivity will bring to Senegal. As AXIAN Telecom embraces the power of 5G, the company anticipates contributing to the overall development and connected future of Senegal.

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