Zambia Unveils Nationwide Digital Hubs for Free Internet and Skill Development in 2024 Budget

Minister Mutati announces Community Digital Transformation Centers to provide free internet, e-services, and digital literacy programs.

Felix Mutati, Zambia’s Minister of Science and Technology, has announced a groundbreaking initiative outlined in the 2024 budget— the establishment of Community Digital Transformation Centers. Leveraging the infrastructure of the Zambia Postal Services Corporation and other suitable facilities, Smart Zambia aims to set up these centers across the nation.

The minister shared this significant development on X (formerly Twitter), highlighting the government’s commitment to advancing technology accessibility. The primary purpose of these centers is to serve as community hubs, providing citizens with free internet access. Additionally, they will offer various electronic government services, including processes like trading licenses, cooperative registrations, road taxes, social cash transfers, and more.

The initiative extends beyond internet provision; these centers will also function as training grounds for digital literacy and skill development programs. The training will encompass areas such as digital entrepreneurship and innovation, creating new opportunities for jobs and empowerment.

Minister Mutati emphasized the importance of not just providing internet access but also empowering citizens with digital skills. The initiative reflects Zambia’s commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that every citizen can actively participate in and benefit from the opportunities presented by the digital era.

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