Omantel and Sultan Qaboos University Sign 5-Year Pact to Boost ICT and AI Scientific Research

Launching “Applied Research Fund” to support faculty and researchers, aligning with Oman Vision 2040 goals.

As part of the ongoing efforts to develop scientific research in the Sultanate of Oman, Oman Telecommunications Company (Omantel), the leading provider of integrated telecommunication services in the Sultanate of Oman, and Sultan Qaboos University have signed a five-year partnership agreement to foster scientific research in the fields of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The agreement stipulates the launch of the “Applied Research Fund” designed to provide support to faculty members and researchers in the field of ICT and AI, to empower researchers to collect and analyze data using the latest technical tools, as well as adopt technological innovations in the fields of medicine, agriculture, environment, technology, engineering and other emerging technologies, in line with the government’s policy of supporting scientific research and innovation aligning with Oman Vision 2040.

This partnership with Omantel aims to boost our contribution, as a national university, to the country’s efforts to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, especially those that focus on stimulating innovation, driving sustainable industries, and encouraging partnerships between public and private sector institutions and to work towards elevating the quality of education. Omantel is the right fit for us, especially because of the company’s proven expertise and great potential in adoption of modern technologies and its consistent support and dedication to small and medium enterprises, specialized in the fields of ICT and AI.

His Highness Sayyid Dr. Fahad bin Al Julanda Al Said, Vice Chancellor, Sultan Qaboos University

We are delighted to enter into an important partnership with Sultan Qaboos University, especially as research funding is a core part of Omantel’s social responsibility and commitment to supporting Oman’s youth in their career advancement and assisting them in joining national efforts to build a digital economy based on knowledge and innovation. This partnership will go a long way in boosting national efforts to consolidate Oman’s position in UNESCO’s Global Innovation Index. We are confident the resultant program under this partnership will lead to development of solutions and innovations that would potentially be part of our services at Omantel.

Talal Said Al Mamari, Chief Executive Officer, Omantel

As part of the agreement, Omantel will lend multi-level support to the project through engagement of its relevant departments, with the technology, strategy and innovation departments tackling related issues and internal challenges, collaborating with internal teams to ensure consensus on the final topics shortlisted by the University, evaluating and selecting final projects and making recommendations and allocating advisors for each research project.

Omantel Innovation Labs will provide support by providing access to Omantel’s incubators and accelerators programs and connections with Omantel’s experts, through nearly 30 scientific papers divided over a period of 5 years.

Dr. Abdelnasser Hussein, Director of the Communications and Information Research Center at the University, expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the Omani Telecommunications Company for its continuous support of scientific research at the university. This agreement comes as a renewal and enhancement of the previous agreement made five years ago, where the company provided support for approximately thirty research projects in communications, information technology, and nanotechnology.

This agreement focuses on the telecommunications and information technology sector, aligning with the National Program for Digital Economy and in line with His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik’s commendable guidance. His Majesty emphasized the necessity of developing a national program to implement and incorporate artificial intelligence technologies, highlighting the Sultanate’s determination to make the digital economy a priority and a cornerstone of the national economy.

Omantel has succeeded, through the integration of its operations, processes, and extensive expertise in the field of communications and digital technology, in establishing its position as a leading telecommunications company within the Sultanate of Oman and beyond. The company’s innovative approaches have contributed to providing the latest solutions to various consumer and business sectors. The company aims to deliver an unparalleled, exceptional experience to its subscribers and strives to always exceed their expectations. Omantel works towards contributing to the achievement of Oman Vision 2040 objectives by investing in emerging technologies and providing cutting-edge solutions in modern technology, information, and communications technology, such as cloud solutions, ICT solutions, AI, Smart solutions, cybersecurity, and much more, in addition to harnessing its technological capabilities to enhance innovation and leadership in new and advanced technologies.

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