M-PESA Expands Payment Options with PCI DSS Compliance and Visa Partnership

Safaricom achieves PCI DSS compliance, enhancing M-PESA’s payment capabilities to offer card issuing and tap-to-pay solutions.

In line with M-PESA’s purpose of transforming lives, they are innovating their payment solutions to provide customers and businesses with more options and additional convenience.

As part of this strategy Safaricom PLC has achieved PCI DSS compliance, which builds on M-PESA’s strategic partnership with Visa, expanding M-PESA’s payment capabilities to include card issuing and acquisition.

PCI DSS compliance enables M-PESA to begin offering tap-to-pay card payments for the more than 60 million customers, 5 million businesses and 100,000 developers across its entire ecosystem, empowering them to receive mobile payments, online and in-person card payments from any customer across the world.

M-PESA will also provide tourists with a solution that will enable any visitor to the eight M-PESA markets to pair their Visa card with M-PESA for seamless payments across almost 1 million businesses on the service.

FinTechs and financial institutions are equally set to leverage its card processing capabilities empowering them to provide end-to-end mobile and card payment solutions.

Together with Visa, M-PESA currently offers virtual payment cards to our more than 60 million customers and 925,000 merchants across markets.

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