Kenya’s Digital Vision: 1450 Hubs for Tech Literacy and Innovation in National Digital Master Plan

Kenya aims to establish digital hubs, promoting tech literacy, innovation, and citizen access to government services.

The Ministry of ICT, Innovation, and Youth Affairs in Kenya unveiled its ambitious Kenya National Digital Master Plan 2022-2032. A key initiative involves establishing 1450 Village digital hubs, serving as centers for citizen digital literacy training, film production, and public access to government services.

The plan outlines specific key performance indicators (KPIs) to be achieved by 2032, including the establishment of 1450 ICT Training Centres in every ward. These centers will play a multifaceted role, engaging in research and development, innovations, digital device refurbishment, cyber security training, repair and maintenance, recycling, e-waste management, practical training, and the provision of various ICT services.

The objectives of the master plan include increasing access to devices and internet usage in targeted communities, with a focus on Arid and Semi-Arid Land (ASAL) communities, through collaborative efforts with partners. The plan aims to promote citizens’ economic participation and enhance digital inclusion by leveraging digital opportunities. Additionally, it envisions fostering knowledge building and idea exchange within local communities, particularly those around academia and business.

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