Lesira-Teq and Comsol Forge Partnership to Manage LoRaWAN Network for Smart Water Meters

Lesira-Teq to oversee Comsol’s LoRaWAN network, deploying advanced smart water meters in South Africa and beyond.

Lesira-Teq, a leading South African Original Equipment Manufacturer known for its innovative smart water meters, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Comsol Networks (PTY) LTD, a leader in the IoT network domain in South Africa.  In a pivotal move, Lesira-Teq will now manage the operations of Comsol’s public LoRaWAN network in South Africa, powered by the ThingPark platform provided by Actility. 

Lesira-Teq, headquartered in Pretoria, South Africa, has been a global frontrunner in designing, manufacturing, and supplying smart water meters for more than twenty years. With a strong record of innovation, Lesira-Teq continues to pave the way in water utility management and IoT solutions. 

The partnership has been instrumental in the deployment of thousands of smart water meters across Pretoria, showcasing Lesira-Teq’s expertise and the crucial role of Comsol as an Actility’s ThingPark Wireless operator. 

Lesira-Teq’s impact is further highlighted by its involvement with Johannesburg Water, the country’s largest water utility, which recently switched to solutions using LoRaWAN under Lesira-Teq’s guidance. 

This significant transition involved upgrading 4,300 water meters from traditional to advanced LoRaWAN-connected systems, underscoring Lesira-Teq’s ability to deliver comprehensive hardware and software solutions.  The company is expanding its reach beyond South Africa, with pilot projects in regions like Tanzania, emphasizing its dedication to converting water systems into smart meters throughout Africa. 

ThingPark Wireless by Actility, a leading LPWA IoT network platform, powers nearly half of the public LoRaWAN network deployments worldwide. It stands as a foundational element of IoT networks, enabling secure connectivity and efficient management of data from sensors to cloud applications. Its modular and scalable design allows service providers to capitalize on connectivity and accelerate IoT solution adoption across industries. 

We have been a highly competitive and capable company in the metering industry for the last 20 years. Partnering with Comsol and leveraging the ThinkPark platform gives us an opportunity to provide the global market with the most advanced smart water metering systems in the industry. We can undoubtedly compete on a global scale which further enables us to partner with various stakeholders on numerous water metering projects.

Edwin Sibiya, CEO, Lesira-Teq

Comsol is very excited about the focus this partnership will bring to LoRaWAN in South Africa. This collaboration with Lesira-Teq marks a significant step in advancing smart water management and enhancing IoT infrastructure, promising innovative and sustainable solutions for the future.

Justin Colyn, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Comsol

We are thrilled to see our partners, Comsol and Lesira-Teq, come together to leverage Actility’s ThingPark platform in their groundbreaking venture. This alliance is a testament to the transformative power of LoRaWAN technology in revolutionizing utility management and IoT ecosystems globally.

Olivier Hersent, CEO, Actility

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