Parallel Wireless Launches World’s First Hardware-Agnostic 5G Standalone Software Stack

Parallel Wireless introduces a revolutionary 5G Standalone solution compatible with diverse processor platforms, enhancing network flexibility and sustainability.

Parallel Wireless, Inc., the U.S.-based Open RAN innovator, announced the general availability of the world’s first hardware-agnostic 5G Standalone (SA) software stack. The full standalone solution gives operators, private networks, and public safety networks the opportunity deploy the Parallel Wireless RAN infrastructure across various processor hardware platforms.

The Parallel Wireless 5G SA solution is purposefully architected to run on any general-purpose computing platform, including Arm and x86.  Future enhancements to the 5G solution are automatically compatible with these platforms.

Parallel Wireless achieved a groundbreaking milestone in the cellular industry by creating the world’s first hardware-agnostic Distributed Unit (DU). This innovation offers unprecedented flexibility to operators by decoupling the DU software stack from specific computing platforms.  Embracing a variety of processor architectures opens doors to an extensive supply chain, allowing operators to select components tailored to their unique needs.  This architecture also provides opportunities for substantial energy savings, a significant leap towards sustainable and eco-friendly network infrastructures.

Open RAN started with a vision of interoperability and Parallel Wireless is taking that to new heights unimagined when Open RAN was first conceived. I’m proud of the work our R&D team has done given the extremely challenging technical issues that were overcome to enable our platform-agnostic 5G SA, and their unwavering commitment to advancing the industry and enabling the open ecosystem.

Steve Papa, Founder and CEO, Parallel Wireless

We are incredibly impressed with the recent advancements made by Parallel Wireless in their 5G platform-agnostic Open RAN DU. This level of innovation is precisely what we seek in our technology partners, as it allows our products to shape and transform the cellular industry. We are excited to collaborate with Parallel Wireless and together, create a significant impact in the telecom sector.

Anthony Magee, Senior Director of Business Development, Adtran

Deployments of 5G Standalone (SA) software are anticipated to run on operator networks for the next two decades. Operators who choose Parallel Wireless for their RAN can be confident the platform is engineered to enable ongoing innovation and improved operational efficiencies throughout this period. Coupled with the hardware-agnostic Distributed Unit (DU), Parallel Wireless empowers operators with unparalleled flexibility, resilience, and sustainability.

The key to sustained innovation in our industry is to repeatedly embrace the latest and greatest silicon advances as well as the supply chain’s creativity delivering new form factors for use in the telecommunications infrastructure. Our 5G SA casts the widest net for sustained innovation by assuring cross-platform support. I’d also like to express our appreciation for the support of the UK’s Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, in contributing to our advanced research enabling this breakthrough.

Baruch Navon, President, Parallel Wireless

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