Zambian ICT Minister Advocates Quality ICT Services at Inaugural Postal and Courier Awards

Minister Mutati emphasizes excellence in ICT services at the inaugural Postal and Courier Services Awards ceremony.

Quality application and usage of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services remain a key enabler to deliver change in the Zambian ICT Sector to the fulfilment of responsiveness to effectively discharge output – services that will embrace customers’ needs through driven consistent, competent, and quality positive efforts expected to hit a customer technological satisfaction mark derived from a well set eminence services, Technology and Science Minister Felix Mutati candidly counsels in his address at the ICT – Zampost inaugural Postal and Courier Services Awards ceremony in Lusaka.

The Minister expressed gratitude at the first ever held but carried on after Twenty-Nine Years (2029 Years) of the celebrated ICT – Awards particularly in the field of Zampost inaugural Postal and Courier Services Awards a gesture to embracing recognition of the Outstanding the Practitioners who exerted efforts on an assumed challenging course but producing the exceptional ICT – Economic Spurs.

He said the practitioner fraternity saw the Twenty, twenty-Three Journey with a proved and increased Internet Services and among the Thirteen Africa Countries recording Zambia on a Five – Gigabytes network technological strength service deliverables.

The Minister said Zambia is self-confident appreciating a local and regional connectivity augmented on a powered, driven, and renowned led Starlink Space – Orbit firm henceforth in the process transforming a digital infrastructure roadmap attributes of reinforcing a a phase out process of the Two – Gigabytes Network Bus System in order to better services for the County.

He said Government has continued to deliver appropriate incentives in digital infrastructure recording enabled but also the most recommended Fibre platform connectivity Country’s fibre link on Seven – plus – One Country internet services.

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