Rwanda Partners with Ignite Power to Bring Solar-Powered Internet to Schools

Rwandan government collaborates with Ignite Power, using solar-based LinX, for universal internet access in schools, fostering inclusivity.

The Government of Rwanda has forged a transformative partnership with Ignite Power, a leading provider of global solar-based solutions and the recent winner of the prestigious 2023 Zayed Award, to connect schools in the country to the internet and solar power. This groundbreaking initiative will leverage Ignite’s cutting-edge new product, LinX, featuring solar-based satellite terminals, ensuring superior, sustainable, and affordable internet access at all institutions, regardless of their locations.

Despite tremendous strides in Rwanda’s education sector, many schools, particularly those in remote areas and difficult terrain still lack access to reliable power and the internet, impeding the integration of essential educational tools and platforms. Recognizing this challenge, the collaboration between the Rwandan Ministries of ICT & Education, and Ignite Power aims to address this digital divide by providing universal access to basic infrastructure in the form of power and internet connectivity, to students in the country.

We are pleased to launch this disruptive partnership with a leading private-sector company such as Ignite Power. Universal internet access in education is crucial for realizing our vision of a knowledge-based society. This collaboration signifies our commitment to ensuring that every citizen, especially students, has equal opportunity to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Ms. Paula Ingabire, Minister of ICT, Rwanda

Ignite Power has already established itself as a pivotal force in Rwanda’s energy landscape, having connected over one million people across the country to power through advanced solar systems. Last week, the company earned the prestigious 2023 Zayed Prize, recognizing its disruptive innovations and vast impact across Africa. The LinX solution, a 100% solar-powered innovation, enables swift deployment even in areas without access to the national electricity grid, aligning with sustainable development goals and fostering inclusivity at scale.

Internet connectivity has evolved into a basic infrastructure and a human right in today’s world. We are thrilled to collaborate with the Government of Rwanda in paving the way for a more inclusive future, with Rwanda leading the charge for many more African nations.

Our 100% solar-based solution ensures quick deployment and underscores our commitment to sustainability. This initiative sets a precedent for comprehensive, equitable, and sustainable development across Rwanda and beyond.

Yariv Cohen, CEO, Ignite Power

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