Qatari Regulatory Authority Adopts Policy for 5G Private Mobile Networks

CRA issues policy encouraging enterprises to use public 5G networks but considers exceptional cases for private networks.

The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) has adopted a policy on Private Mobile Networks Using the Fifth Generation (5G) Technology in light of its 2022 public consultation about the subject, to which CRA invited all stakeholders to share their views and comments.

Responses to the consultation were received from various stakeholders, including telecommunications Service Providers, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) equipment vendors, government entities, and large Enterprises in the State of Qatar. CRA has taken into consideration the views and comments of the stakeholders and issued its final position about this subject in a Policy Statement.

As per the Policy Statement, CRA encourages Enterprises (businesses as well as government organizations) to use the 5G networks and services of the two public mobile operators in Qatar (Ooredoo Qatar Q.P.S.C. and Vodafone Qatar P.Q.S.C.). However, if an Enterprise wants to establish and operate its own 5G private mobile network and requests a spectrum license from CRA to be able to do so, CRA would be willing to examine such exceptional cases provided that the spectrum license application of the Enterprise must include a set of specific requirements, as mentioned in the Policy Statement.

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