Namibia Implements Mandatory SIM Card Registration for Enhanced Security and Digital Engagement

Namibia enforces SIM card registration to enhance security, aligning with global digital trends for user benefits.

Namibia’s Communications Regulatory Authority (CRAN) has initiated mandatory SIM card registration from January 1, 2023. Users must register with their mobile service providers, complying with Section 77 of the Communications Act.

Mobile providers have a 12-month window, ending December 31, 2023, to register existing customers. New SIM cards must be registered within three months of purchase.

Namibia joins 157 countries implementing such registration for enhanced security and digital identity. The measure aids crime investigation and aligns with global digital trends, fostering secure digital engagement, including virtual learning and online services.

The registration requires full names, proof of address, and identity proof. ICT consumers are urged to register by December 31, 2023, to fully benefit from ICT services.

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