Startupbootcamp AfriTech Launches OnAfrica Investment Syndicate for Enhanced Startup Ecosystem Growth

Startupbootcamp AfriTech introduces OnAfrica Investment Syndicate, empowering stakeholders to invest in pre-vetted, impactful startups.

Startupbootcamp AfriTech, a prominent force in driving innovation across Africa, proudly unveils its latest venture—the OnAfrica Investment Syndicate, spearheaded by the seasoned leadership of Director Henry Azubuike Ojuor.

For nearly a decade, Startupbootcamp AfriTech has been a trailblazer, from inaugurating its initial corporate-backed Accelerator program in 2017 to establishing Africa’s premier continental accelerator program. This program has successfully nurtured and graduated some of the most groundbreaking startups on the continent.

The OnAfrica Investment Syndicate marks the organization’s commitment to further catalyzing impactful growth within the startup ecosystem. By participating in the syndicate, stakeholders gain access to investment opportunities arising from Startupbootcamp AfriTech’s portfolio companies. These companies undergo a meticulous pre-vetting process, ensuring that they align with the organization’s scouting and due diligence frameworks.

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