stc Group Hosts M360 Conference for Global Digital Leaders, Focusing on Innovation and Inclusion

Digital transformation insights, challenges, and solutions shared by international ICT leaders for a sustainable and inclusive digital future.

stc group, an engine of digital transformation, hosted the M360 conference for the second consecutive year. This conference was held at the Fairmont Hotel in Riyadh in collaboration with the GSMA. The conference aims to explore the digital prospects and the future of the global digital renaissance. Moreover, it aims to achieve innovation and inclusion with the new digital reality. The conference highlights the role of the group as one of the most influential leaders in the ICT sector and a key driver towards digital transformation locally, regionally, and globally.

The M360 conference united international elite leaders in the ICT sector to provide their insights into the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities in the sector. It addressed the main challenges impeding the sector’s growth and suggested potential solutions to overcome them. Furthermore, the conference suggested increasing the Middle East region’s contribution to the global digital renaissance. The M360 discussed the impacts of the digital economy on people’s lives and ways to create a more sustainable and inclusive digital future.

stc Group participated in the conference with the presence of the group’s CEO, where the M360 conference is considered a global gathering of digital industry leaders regionally and globally, as well as a platform for innovative ideas and future digital products. This conference is held as stc group accelerates its way towards enabling digital transformation in KSA, the Middle East, and Europe. The M360 conference reaffirms the group’s commitment to strengthening its strategic relations with its digital partners worldwide.

During the conference, several group officials showcased the group’s capabilities in expanding the necessary infrastructure, developing technologies and services, and enhancing the user experience while maintaining the highest governance standards and social responsibility practices. Furthermore, stc group highlighted its role in enabling the digital economy through its affiliates in building innovative digital solutions in the areas of digital gaming, AI, IoT and Cloud Computing, in addition to FinTech, marine cables, data centers and cybersecurity, which address the needs of various public and private sectors. Besides, stc focused on its “DARE” strategy, launched in April 2022, consisting of 4 pillars: Digitalize stc, Accelerate core assist performance, Reinvent customer experience at World-class standards, and aggressively Expand scale and scope.

The M360 conference’s second edition builds on the success of last year’s event. The previous edition was centered around mobile technologies and their effectiveness in achieving digital transformation in different sectors such as finance, manufacturing, and mining. It also discussed the readiness of mobile operators to respond to rapid urbanization in smart cities supported with digital infrastructure capable of meeting the residents’ rapid needs. Furthermore, the group seeks to improve the digital transformation in the Kingdom and enhance its contribution to achieving the 2030 Saudi vision goals. 

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