Airtel Rwanda Unveils ConnectRwanda 2.0 for Digital Inclusion in Nyanza District

Airtel Rwanda introduces ConnectRwanda 2.0, enhancing connectivity and literacy; government commitment and collaboration ensure nationwide impact.

In a significant stride toward enhancing digital connectivity and literacy, Airtel Rwanda has introduced the second phase of its Connect Rwanda initiative, named ConnectRwanda 2.0, to the Nyanza district.

The launch event, which was attended by Governor Alice Kayitesi, the Governor of the Southern Province in Rwanda, was marked by expressions of gratitude towards the Ministry of ICT and Innovation, Rwanda, and Airtel Rwanda for their joint efforts in making the ConnectRwanda 2.0 initiative a reality in Nyanza District.

During the launch in Nyanza District, Kalema Gordon, the Director General of Digital Transformation at the Ministry of ICT and Innovation, shared insights into the initiative. He emphasized the government’s commitment to digital literacy through the introduction of digital ambassadors tasked with nationwide training. Gordon highlighted the importance of active citizen participation and underscored the transformative capabilities of Airtel’s Imagine 4G smartphones. These devices transcend traditional communication, enabling users to access information, conduct cashless transactions, pursue education, and engage in modern farming practices. The collaborative effort with Airtel Rwanda and local government ensures the initiative’s reach to every corner of the nation.

Indrajeet Singh, Chief Commercial Officer at Airtel Rwanda, expressed gratitude during the launch, acknowledging the Ministry of ICT and Innovation’s steadfast dedication. Singh praised their commitment, which played a pivotal role in bringing the ConnectRwanda 2.0 initiative to fruition in Nyanza District.

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