Hamwe 2023 | LINX on the Power Of Collaboration and Partnerships in Africa

During the Hamwe Networking Night at AfricaCom 2023, Nurani Limpuno, Head of Global Engagement from LINX, and Chris Green from TechAfrica News engaged in an interview. Nurani expressed excitement about the event, highlighting the vibrancy of AfricaCom and LINX’s focus on the continent. Reflecting on a busy week, including a successful ISP launch in Nairobi, Nurani emphasized the importance of connecting with people on the ground.

 LINX has a presence on many continents, but Africa is a significant focus for us. We recently launched an ISP in Nairobi, and witnessing the growing interest in that has been rewarding. It’s crucial for us to connect with people on the ground and understand the dynamics. There’s a lot happening in our sector, and being here allows us not only to share what we do but also to learn from those on the ground. It’s been a real pleasure to be here.

Nurani Nimpuno, Head of Global Engagement of LINX (London Internet Exchange)

Addressing LINX‘s sponsorship of the Hamwe Networking Night, Nurani appreciated the concept of coming together, stressing the key role of collaboration in the internet industry. The event serves as a platform for business discussions and relaxation, fostering new connections and reinforcing relationships.

I really like the concept of Hamwe, the idea of coming together. In the industry, especially in our niche, collaboration is key. We all play different roles in this ecosystem, so organizing an event with a focus on bringing people together aligns perfectly with what we do. While we work hard and use these events for business discussions, having a moment for food and drinks, relaxing together, meeting old friends, and making new connections is an essential part of the package. It’s our way of doing business, and I’m grateful we can do that here.

Nurani Nimpuno, Head of Global Engagement of LINX (London Internet Exchange)

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