Airtel and ZANACO Join Forces for Innovative Bill Muster Service, Simplifying School Fee Payments

Airtel and ZANACO collaborate to introduce Bill Muster, an Airtel Money service for convenient school fee payments.

The two big red companies, Airtel Mobile Commerce and ZANACO have unveiled their partnership for the Bill Muster service which is a collections solution provided to universities, colleges and schools with accounts at Zanaco for collections of tuition fees and other fees.

Speaking at the launch in Lusaka yesterday, Ministry of Education Permanent Secretary Administration, Ms. Noriana Mseteka Muneku commended ZANACO and Airtel for coming up with an easier way to transact calling the bill muster on Airtel money a revolutionary new service that allows customers to pay school bills quickly and easily using a mobile phone.

With bill muster on Airtel money, students, parents and guardians can now say goodbye to long queues and the hassle of paying bills in person. The Government of Zambia is always pleased to support initiatives that are aimed at making lives for our communities easier.

In this day and age where digital transformation has accelerated, it is fundamental that organisations move with the times. it is encouraging to see that today’s event is true to promoting the use of technology as a solution for schools, universities and colleges.

Ms. Noriana Mseteka Muneku, Ministry of Education Permanent Secretary Administration

Airtel Networks Zambia Plc, Interim Managing Director, Mr. Hussam Baday said it was a delight to see the evolution of technology and the creation of strategic partnerships.

We are firm believers that when great companies come together, great things happen. Coming from the telecommunication industry we are a living proof that technology enhances services therefore the collaboration we see today will positively benefit many Zambians.

Mr. Hussam Baday, Interim Managing Director, Airtel Networks Zambia Plc

Airtel Mobile Commerce Country Director, Mr. Andrew Chuma said the partnership unveiling was a testament of what happens when a big strong and reliable brand partners with an Instant secure and borderless payments brand.

What has happened now is that Airtel Money has come on board to simplify the Bill Muster product even further. Now, anyone, be it a parent, guardian, student or pupil with an active Airtel Mobile Money wallet can make a payment for fees to their respective institution using Zanaco Bill Muster.

Mr. Andrew Chuma, Commerce Country Director, Airtel Mobile

ZANACO Managing Director, Mrs. Mukwandi Chibesakunda said in recognizing that like Zanaco, Airtel money had a wide reach, the partnership meant the service would now be more widely available.

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