Zambia Launches Phase 3 of Digital-NRC Project for Enhanced National Registration and Legal Identity

The DNRPC kicks off INRIS Phase 3, introducing Digital-NRC in Central and Luapula provinces, emphasizing national security and efficiency.

The Department of National Registration, Passport, and Citizenship (DNRPC) in Zambia has officially initiated Phase 3 of the Integrated National Registration Information System (INRIS) Project. This phase, centered in Central and Luapula provinces, marks a significant step towards the implementation of a Digital National Registration Card (Digital-NRC), aiming to address challenges associated with the current paper-based legacy National Registration Card (NRC).

Milner Mwanakampwe, the Permanent Secretary for Central Province, emphasized the presidential priority of the Digital-NRC project, designed to eradicate issues inherent in the traditional paper-based NRC system. Speaking through Provincial Deputy Permanent Secretary Godfrey Chitambala, Mr. Mwanakampwe highlighted the project’s broader objective of establishing an efficient national legal identity system, considering National Registration as a crucial security matter. He stressed the President’s commitment to achieving this goal within the next decade.

Addressing officers deployed to Central Province for mass mobile enrollments, Mr. Mwanakampwe urged them to exhibit courtesy, professionalism, and ensure a non-discriminatory approach throughout the process. Provincial Registrar and Project Coordinator, Nachiyunde Nachiyunde, emphasized the need for discipline, dedication, and commitment among the officers to meet the set targets at all levels.

The Digital-NRC project, with a 10-million enrollment target, has already enrolled over 1 million individuals as of September this year. As Central and Luapula provinces commence mass enrollments on November 27, 2023, an additional 79 district offices across the country will continue the INRIS enrollments, bringing Zambia closer to achieving a modernized and effective national registration system. The DNRPC shared this significant update through its official Facebook page

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