Ooredoo Facilitates Business Growth with Monthly Installments on Latest Mobile Devices for SMEs

Ooredoo empowers SMEs with interest-free installment plans for business phones, promoting growth and connectivity.

Committed to providing affordable and customised plans for businesses of all sizes, Ooredoo is offering business customers the latest mobile devices with no need to pay the full amount up-front. SMEs and startups alike can now choose the ideal business phone and a Shahry plan that suits them, ranging from Shahry Business Digital 15 to Shahry Business Digital 90. Ooredoo will spread out the cost of the mobile device in interest-free installments over a period of up to 24 months.

Ooredoo aims to deliver the best for businesses of all sizes and across all sectors, and we know that for small business owners, in particular, their mobile phones are essential in running their company. By enabling them to break down their purchase into monthly payments, these customers can continue to focus on their growth and stability. We want to unleash the digital potential of businesses across Oman. This why we provide them with great value, the best possible integrated services, and access to higher connectivity at a lower cost.

Saoud Al Riyami, Acting Chief Business and Wholesale Officer, Ooredoo

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