stc Group Receives Certification for Exceptional Anti-Fraud Practices from ITW Global Leaders’ Forum

stc group recognized for outstanding anti-fraud efforts, featured in 2023 GLF Fraud Report, setting industry standards.

stc group, an engine of digital transformation, was awarded a compliance certification from the ITW Global Leaders’ Forum (GLF). This certification recognizes stc group’s exceptional anti-fraud practices and its commitment to actively combatting fraud.

As fraudulent traffic poses a significant threat in today’s interconnected world, stc group, along with industry leaders, acknowledges this pressing concern. In response, ITW GLF established a dedicated task force lately to combat fraud and protect the integrity of the international wholesale carrier industry.

By being featured in the 2023 GLF Fraud Report, stc group demonstrates its dedication to mitigating fraud in its networks. As a prominent digital enabler brand, the group hopes that its achievement will encourage other carriers to join the cause and collectively reduce the prevalence and impact of fraud in the industry.

This certificate confirms the group’s commitment to effectively combat fraud and maintain the highest standards in the field of communication security. It also demonstrates its role in reducing fraud and encouraging other telecom sectors to participate in these efforts. stc continues its efforts to adapt best practices to ensure secure and reliable communication services for customers, stakeholders, and the community.

Alongside other certified global industry leaders, this achievement reinforces stc’s position as an industry leader in fraud prevention and showcases its ongoing efforts to stay at the forefront of fraud prevention technologies and best practices. This will help secure its networks and provide reliable telecommunications services for businesses, customers, stakeholders, and the community as a whole.

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