Liquid Dataport Forms Strategic Alliance with VIPNET to Boost Connectivity in Côte d’Ivoire

Liquid Dataport partners with VIPNET to enhance internet access, expand services, and strengthen West Africa’s connectivity.

Liquid Dataport, a business of Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a pan-African technology group, has announced a partnership with VIPNET, a privately-owned corporate Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Côte d’Ivoire.  

This partnership will allow Liquid Dataport to leverage VIPNET’s infrastructure to provide ISPs and Enterprise customers with access to Liquid’s full portfolio of services, including its extensive pan-African network and innovative cloud and cyber security solutions. This is a significant step for Liquid Dataport in expanding its network and service capabilities across West Africa, which is a key growth market for the company.
According to reports, the internet penetration in Côte d’Ivoire is currently at 45.4%, and through this partnership, Liquid Dataport aims to provide businesses with cost-effective, reliable, and secure connectivity solutions, a significant step in improving internet access in the country.

We consider Côte d’Ivoire a very important ICT hub in the Francophone West African region. The country’s stability, substantial economic growth, and increasing demand for connectivity services make it an ideal location for Liquid to extend its presence. Through our partnership with VIPNET, Liquid will enhance regional connectivity and empower businesses and enterprises through expanded service capability.

David Eurin, Chief Executive Officer, Liquid Dataport

This new partnership will enable VIPNET to strengthen its position as a technological hub of excellence within the West African sub-region, with a much higher bandwidth, and access to a varied range of ICT products and services. We believe that our unique position as a strong, national and reliable alternative player for our market, coupled with the major development with Liquid Dataport, will benefit our customers with next-generation solutions to accelerate their Digital maturity.

Ahmed CHERIF, Chief Executive Officer, VIPNET

VIPNET will greatly benefit from being connected to Liquid’s extensive global network, enabling it to reach any location in Africa and allowing its regional customers to take advantage of Liquid’s Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solutions.
The inclusion of Côte d’Ivoire as an on-net country further demonstrates Liquid Dataport’s commitment to broadening its footprint, ensuring access for wholesale clients to the same network that serves them across the rest of Africa. This expansion reiterates Liquid’s commitment to meeting the growing demand for connectivity services in West Africa, aligning with its vision of a digitally connected continent that leaves no Africa behind.

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