Datacentrix Reaffirms Commitment to Sustainability Through HP Amplify Impact Partnership Recertification

Datacentrix achieves recertification as an HP Amplify Impact Partner, emphasizing sustainability, environmental responsibility, and community engagement.

Datacentrix, a leading hybrid ICT systems integrator and managed services provider, have achieved recertification as an HP Amplify Impact Partner. A programme that is centred on climate action, human rights and digital equality, this partnership status underscores Datacentrix’s unwavering dedication to sustainability, environmental responsibility, and its continued collaboration with HP.

Our position as an HP Amplify Impact Partner reaffirms Datacentrix’s commitment to sustainable business practices and aligns with our vision for a more environmentally responsible future. Through this type of partnership, HP aims to drive change within the technology sector, promoting eco-friendly solutions and responsible business practices. And, as an HP Amplify Impact Partner, Datacentrix continues to work closely with the organisation to integrate sustainable technologies and practices into its product and service offerings.

Elizabeth Naidoo, Chief Financial and Risk Officer, Datacentrix

Datacentrix’s sustainability practice focuses on reducing any negative environmental impact resulting from its operations, with an emphasis on the impact of climate change and also social inequality, adds Naidoo. The organisation uses the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guideline, in particular those around good health and well-being; gender equality; decent work and economic growth; industry, innovation and infrastructure; and responsible consumption and production.

As such, Datacentrix has invested in practices that reduce environmental impact, such as secure e-waste disposal, environmentally-friendly IT production, and low-power device preference, but will also continue to focus on strategic initiatives and set goals.

Elizabeth Naidoo, Chief Financial and Risk Officer, Datacentrix

Importantly, in addition to reducing the environmental impact of its products and services, Datacentrix places a strong emphasis on community engagement, education and corporate social responsibility.

We are not only committed to delivering business value to our clients through cutting-edge technology, but also do so in a manner that is environmentally responsible and has a positive impact on society. By being recertified as an HP Amplify Impact Partner, we are taking significant steps toward a more sustainable future.

Elizabeth Naidoo, Chief Financial and Risk Officer, Datacentrix

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