Huawei and MTN South Africa Awarded “Sustainability Champion of the Year” at AfricaCom

MTN South Africa and Huawei receive recognition for their innovative green site solution addressing power crises.

Huawei and MTN South Africa won the “Sustainability Champion of the Year” at AfricaCom. AfricaCom is the largest annual event in the telecommunications industry in Africa. Its awards recognize organizations and institutions that have made innovative and outstanding contributions to Africa.

To solve the ongoing power crisis in South Africa, MTN South Africa and Huawei are working closely to launch the flexible and intelligent green site solution. The solution uses green and intelligent technologies to perform end-to-end site reconstruction and reinforcement with power supply, distribution, load and intelligent O&M. For instance, the innovation includes anti-theft reconstruction and smart power consumption that adapt to power outages and weak power grids and ensures more than 99% energy availability at sites. In addition, Huawei’s most advanced OWS+NetEco intelligent O&M platform is introduced to achieve optimal energy efficiency by using AI technologies for solar, mains, and diesel power supply. Through in-depth cooperation, Huawei can meet the requirements for network elasticity, greatly improve the basic wireless network coverage in South Africa, and achieve the best user experience. In addition, Huawei supports MTN in building a green and simplified infrastructure, further promoting MTN’s Net-Zero strategy. The experience gained in South Africa will be applied in neighboring countries including Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and as far as Kenya to address power shortage in these countries.

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