BOCRA Introduces IPv6 Guidelines to Enhance Fair Access and Efficient Numbering Allocation

BOCRA mandates IPv6 Guidelines for organizations to ensure fair access and efficient numbering allocation in networks.

BOCRA is mandated by Section 38 of the Communications Regulatory Act (CRA Act) of 2012 to establish and maintain a non-discriminatory and efficient numbering and Domain Names System regulatory frameworks to be applied by all service and licensed operators.

The CRA Act further mandates BOCRA to make industry regulations for the better carrying out of its responsibilities, including, developing or adopting international standards such as Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) standard to be applied to its regulated sectors. This is undertaken to ensure fair access to such services and efficient allocation of numbering and domain names.

In pursuit of this mandate, the Authority has enacted the IPv6 Guidelines. These Guidelines shall provide the processes and steps to be followed by any organisation seeking to deploy IPv6 in their network. The said Guidelines shall describe the planning and implementation requirements for the deployment of IPv6 at organisational level.

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