Africa 5G Summit in Cape Town Addresses Development Strategies for Mobile Broadband Industry

Leaders from governments, industry, and Huawei convene at Africacom to discuss 5G strategies and industry development in Africa.

 The Africa 5G Summit (the 6th Southern Africa MBB VIP Salon) took place at Africacom in Cape Town, South Africa. The summit is the biggest event in Africa’s mobile broadband industry. This year, industry leaders from regional governments, industry organizations, operators, and Huawei gathered together to draw an end-to-end development blueprint and share 5G development strategies and industry experience.

The theme of this year’s summit was “5G Lights Up Africa Together Towards Business Success.” In tune with 5G’s rapid global development, this summit focuses on topics such as how operators in Southern Africa can continuously build value-added 5G networks, improve 5G network experience, accelerate FWA industry development, and achieve 5G business success.

Richard Liu, President of Huawei’s Global Carrier Marketing & Solution Sales Dept., opened the proceedings with a keynote speech titled “Dream Africa’s 5G Prosperity, Build an Inclusive Digital Cornerstone,” where he called for continuous localized innovation in Africa and working together to build a digital Africa.

The remarkable intergenerational capabilities of 5G networks are accelerating the development of the ICT industry, and also stimulate huge innovation momentum, changing our lives and society. Global operators with a firm 5G strategy have achieved business success. To dream Africa’s 5G prosperity, it is recommended to build Digital Africa via 3 inclusive innovations, inclusive ecosystem, inclusive service and inclusive network, by maturing the 5G terminal ecosystem, developing FWA killer services and building 4G/5G synergy network, build a solid digital foundation of Africa.

Richard Liu, President, Huawei’s Global Carrier Marketing & Solution Sales Dept.

Representatives from government, industry organization and operators like ICASA, GSMA Intelligence, MTN South Africa, MTN Nigeria, Zain Saudi Arabi and Safaricom, all took to the stage to share 5G network building technologies, 5G development strategies and industry experience.

At the summit, GSMA Intelligence, together with ICASA, MTN South Africa, and Huawei, released a white paper titled “5G FWA in Africa, Emerging Trends and Opportunities.” All parties will work together to promote the development of 5G FWA services in Africa and meet the needs of families and enterprises, according to the paper.

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