stc Group Drives Digital Transformation Discourse at Gartner IT Symposium/XPO 2023

stc group’s subsidiaries showcase digital solutions, emphasizing cybersecurity and customer experience enhancement at Gartner IT Symposium/XPO.

stc group, an engine of digital transformation, concluded its participation in the Gartner IT Symposium/XPO 2023, the world’s most important gathering for CIOs and IT executives, held in Barcelona. The conference witnessed a prominent presence of the group across three subsidiaries, including solutions by stc, sirar by stc, and SCCC for cloud computing services, where it reviewed digital empowerment solutions and prospects for digital transformation. Representatives of the group also participated in the panel discussions, which were held during the conference and received broad interest among the participants. The conversations focused on crucial cybersecurity issues and providing a secure environment for critical communications to enhance the customer experience.

Saud Al Sherehi, Vice President of Products and Solutions at stc group, joined a session about “Leading the Digital Revolution: Launching a Strategic Force that Dares” under the umbrella of “Opinion Leadership.” The session highlighted keeping up with the rapid pace of the ongoing digital revolution worldwide and incorporating suitable techniques to interact with it within the framework of an integrated strategy for the group.

While Talal Al-Bakr, CEO of SCCC, spoke about “Cloud Innovation: Empowering Industries to Innovate Through a New Model of Commitment.” He explained the methods of supporting the industrial sector by providing innovative cloud products.

Anas Al Khani, the CEO of “specialized by stc”, participated in a panel discussion titled “Customer Experience in the Critical Communications Industry”. During this, he reviewed the increasing importance of customers feeling safe and confident while obtaining the service by providing a highly secure environment and employing emerging technologies in this field to provide an exceptional customer experience. He also highlighted the value of security for customers as a key pillar of operations.

Abdulrahman Al Manea, Chief Product Management & Marketing Officer at “sirar by stc”, also spoke at a panel discussion titled ‘Fortifying Your Digital Defense: Cybersecurity in the Age of Threats’. It addressed the cybersecurity map and the expanding risks organisations face. He also presented effective strategies, best practices for protecting digital assets, methods of reducing cyber risks, and solutions provided by the company to enhance proactive prevention.

The participation of stc group subsidiaries in Gartner came within the framework of exchanging expertise and experiences at an international scale, in addition to reviewing the most prominent digital empowerment and transformation solutions, which enrich the digital experiences of various government and private sectors. The Group seeks to expand its presence in local, regional and global forums to keep pace with the transformations that the group is witnessing in terms of the rapid growth of its international operations, especially in the European continent.    

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