Menar, MTN, and Huawei Join Forces to Bring 5G Technology to Gugulethu Colliery Operations

Partnership signifies Gugulethu Colliery’s leap into mining innovation with 5G technology, enhancing safety and efficiency.

Partnership between Menar, MTN and Huawei lays the foundation for Gugulethu Colliery to integrate 5G technology into its operations.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that was signed today in Cape Town between private investment company Menar, mobile network operator MTN and technology firm Huawei will enable implementation of leading 5G technology at the Gugulethu mine. This comes as Gugulethu, a newly developed mine in Mpumalanga edges closer to start producing in early 2024. Gugulethu is managed through Canyon Coal, a subsidiary of Menar.

Menar’s Chief Innovation Officer Cleavon Moothoosamy said the MOU symbolises company’s drive to embrace technology across its operations.

We want to be at the forefront of mining innovation, and this partnership is a bold step towards a future where technology and connectivity redefine the mining landscape.

Cleavon Moothoosamy, Chief Innovation Officer, Menar

The companies involved now look forward to further discussions after the signing of the MOU, which entails the possibility of rolling out a three-phased project to install 5G connectivity on the mine campus and shafts amongst other elements.

With MTN’s leadership in telecommunications, the operations aims to enhance communication onsite, ensuring people’s safety and well-being, and operational efficiency.

Huawei’s technological infrastructure serves as the backbone of this venture and could enable us to leverage cutting-edge solutions to drive productivity and sustainable practices within our operations.

Cleavon Moothoosamy, Chief Innovation Officer, Menar

5G technology is increasingly being adopted in South Africa. At MTN, we are excited to be playing a leading role in this space by using our world-class network and systems to promote the growth and sustainability of our enterprise customers.

Our bold investment toward network puts MTN in a greater position to offer state of the art, faster and seamless connectivity to its customers. The partnership will see all parties involved reaping the benefits of our best network.

Tumi Chamayou, Chief Business Enterprise Officer, MTN

Huawei MTN KAD Account Director Jason Shao, said 5G had proved very successful in improving operational efficiency and mine safety.

Importantly, 5G supports Artificial Intelligence based real-time analytics, thus enabling data driven decision making which is critical in the mining environment.

Jason Shao, Account Director, Huawei MTN KAD

Through the MOU, Gugulethu has become the second mine under the Menar stable to form a partnership with MTN and Huawei. In December 2022 Canyon Coal’s Phalanndwa Colliery also based in Mpumalanga, signed an agreement that ultimately saw the mine adopting 5G technology. The team at Phalanndwa registered improvements when it comes to enhanced communication, safety, and real time monitoring. Moothoosamy said Menar was looking forward to seeing Gugulethu achieve the same milestone upon the conclusion of a formal commercial agreement with MTN and Huawei.

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