Togocom Bolsters Connectivity with Strategic Contract Signing for EQUIANO Submarine Cable

Togocom strengthens connectivity with EQUIANO cable, diversifying sources for seamless service, advancing digital goals and leadership.

In a significant move to enhance connectivity, Togocom has inked a strategic contract with CSquared WOEZON, paving the way for improved internet services via the state-of-the-art EQUIANO submarine cable.

The EQUIANO submarine cable, boasting a robust capacity of 30 Gbps, now stands as the third source of bandwidth for TOGOCOM through submarine cables. This addition elevates the total bandwidth capacity for Togocom to an impressive 130 Gbps, alongside existing sources like WACS and ACE.

By diversifying its bandwidth sources with three reliable options, including the existing WACS and ACE cables, Togocom aims to fortify service redundancy. This strategic move ensures seamless internet connectivity for both fixed and mobile customers, underlining Togocom’s commitment to delivering high-quality services.

Togocom, a subsidiary of the Axian Group, is actively advancing its mission to provide top-notch services. The company remains dedicated to upholding its leading position in the telecommunications sector and responding effectively to the evolving landscape of digitalization. This strategic maneuver aligns with Togocom’s overarching goal of bridging the digital divide and meeting the challenges posed by the ever-changing digital landscape.

As Togocom continues to invest in cutting-edge technologies and strategic partnerships, the recent agreement with CSquared WOEZON for the EQUIANO submarine cable marks a pivotal step in advancing the company’s capabilities and ensuring a resilient and efficient network for its growing customer base.

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