Airtel Kenya to Expand 5G Network Coverage in Various Regions

Airtel Kenya have revealed its plans for a 5G network expansion, with plans to explore additional deployment.

A number of local media sources have reported that Airtel Kenya revealed its plans to explore the deployment of an additional 100 5G sites throughout various regions of the nation by the close of the current year. This move, could potentially bolster the company’s existing network infrastructure, augmenting its coverage from 180 to 221 wards, and expanding its reach from 15 to 32 counties.

Additionally, Airtel remains open to a phased approach for potential extensions of its 5G network coverage, with tentative plans to encompass all counties in due course. This endeavor could aim to provide an enhanced connectivity experience for Kenyan individuals, households, and businesses, potentially unlocking a myriad of opportunities facilitated by the potential implementation of 5G network technology.

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