Zain Esports Lab Launches in Bahrain to Foster Growth of Local Esports Industry

Teal Flamingo Studios, Tamkeen, and Zain Bahrain collaborate to establish innovative Esports development hub.

Teal Flamingo Studios, in partnership with the Labour Fund (Tamkeen) and Zain Bahrain, has unveiled an innovative Esports development hub, dubbed “Zain Esports Lab” at Zain Bahrain Tower, dedicated to fostering the growth of Bahraini Esports teams and talent. This pioneering initiative aims to provide comprehensive training programs and state-of-the-art facilities to nurture a thriving esports industry in Bahrain and beyond.

Zain Esports Lab will include other key components such as a dedicated facility for development spanning over 450 square meters, a stage, a virtual screen with the highest resolution in Bahrain, a broadcast facility equipped with cutting-edge technology, broadcast sets for production, an area dedicated for training purposes, and an events area to foster community engagement. In addition, Zain Bahrain will provide high-speed internet connectivity.

The newly launched lab will host year-round esports leagues, offering opportunities for teams and players to showcase their skills and compete professionally. Additionally, the hub will facilitate broadcast activities, enabling individuals to join a professional broadcast team as on-air talent or broadcast crew members.

Commenting on this collaboration, Mr. Khalid AlBayat, Chief Growth Officer, at the Labour Fund (Tamkeen), emphasized Tamkeen’s commitment in providing the support needed for emerging industries such as Esports to establish and grow in Bahrain. He stated,

The Esports industry is rapidly growing on a global scale and we are keen on putting Bahrain on the map by empowering local talent in this field. This collaboration with Zain Bahrain and Teal Flamingo Studios will provide Bahrainis interested in pursuing Esports with the ideal environment to build their skills and accelerate their growth within the gaming ecosystem both regionally and globally. We support initiatives such as this because we believe in the enthusiasm of Bahraini talent to excel in these growing fields with the right support and guidance.

Mr. Khalid AlBayat, Chief Growth Officer, at the Labour Fund (Tamkeen)

We are delighted to partner with Tamkeen and Zain Bahrain to launch this groundbreaking development center. By combining our expertise, resources, and passion for esports, we aim to nurture Bahraini talent, provide them with cutting-edge facilities, and fuel the growth of the esports industry in Bahrain.

Talal Mahmood, Executive Producer, Teal Flamingo Studios

We are proud to launch Zain Esports Lab in collaboration with Tamkeen and Teal Flamingo Studios. The lab is an innovative esports hub in the Kingdom that will foster and upskill fresh talents in Esports and provide professional opportunities for Esports enthusiasts to improve their skill sets. Zain Bahrain hopes to play a significant regional role as an enabler of Esports, to collectively grow the gaming ecosystem in the Kingdom, and give gamers the support and recognition they deserve.

Abdulla Khaled Al Khalifa, Chief Communication and Investor Relations Officer, Zain Bahrain

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