Eutelsat OneWeb and MAV Reality Successfully Trial Satellite-Powered Remote Video Conferencing Technology

MAV Reality’s Assisted Reality headsets, powered by OneWeb’s satellite connectivity, revolutionize remote video conferencing. Impacts various industries.

Eutelsat OneWeb, part of Eutelsat Group, the world’s first GEO-LEO satellite operator, and MAV Reality, the video conferencing and mixed reality solutions provider, announced the successful trial of remote video conferencing technology powered by satellite connectivity.

MAV Reality, one of the finalists from OneWeb’s 2022 Innovation Challenge, combines its industry leading Assisted Reality headsets with OneWeb’s high-speed, low latency satellite powered connectivity to offer a highly advanced video communications product. With an unyielding commitment to providing high-definition, end-to-end video conferencing solutions regardless of geographical constraints, both companies are poised to revolutionize how industries approach remote assistance.

MAV Reality, in conjunction with Eutelsat OneWeb, has been testing out with the RealWear solution integrated with Pexip Connect and TeamViewer Frontline at Eutelsat OneWeb’s experimental facilities in France. The work has not only demonstrated the efficacy of the LEO network but also showcased real use cases for connectivity that can be applied across various industries.

This marks a significant leap forward in the realm of remote communication and is an excellent example of why we love to run our Innovation Challenge each year and the value of collaboration in our industry to develop new ideas. Tasked with getting the most out of global connectivity, the MAV team came to us with this concept that could now revolutionise video conferencing in remote locations and has the potential to hugely benefit a range of industries including healthcare. We were very encouraged by the results of initial testing at our Toulouse innovation centre and look forward to working closely with the team going forward.

Massimiliano Ladovaz, Chief Operations Officer, Eutelsat Group

Working with the Eutelsat OneWeb’s LEO connectivity solution is the perfect alignment of two disruptive innovators striving to redefine remote communication. The successful demo is a testament to our shared vision and potential of the technology. Depending on the organization, we can potentially save millions in travel costs while also expediting critical services, ultimately leading to saved lives.

Jamie Murray, Chief Technology Officer, MAV Reality

The new headset allows users to use video conferencing tools while interacting with their environment, allowing for workers in front-line situations to communicate with their teams while in remote environments. For example, healthcare professionals working alone can now access immediate assistance from specialists, whether they are at the site of an incident or stationed in a remote location. The existing limitations of traditional networks, including the inconsistent coverage of 5G technology, prompted MAV Reality to explore an innovative partnership

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