PortaOne’s Customized IoT Solutions: The Key to MVNO Differentiation in Africa

Introducing IoT Meal, a groundbreaking IoT solution that not only addresses IoT services commoditization but also revolutionizes time-to-market, offering a fully operational, adaptable technology for diverse IoT concepts.”

PortaOne’s Chief Commercial Officer, Roman Khalenkov, discussed several key aspects of the IoT landscape and MVNOs in Africa during an interview at MWC Kigali. The interview focused on the growth of the IoT device market in Africa and how MVNOs can position themselves to benefit from it. Additionally, the CCO emphasized the importance of consistent connectivity in diverse terrains, the need for value-added services tailored to local needs, and strategies for monetization. Collaboration with specific sectors and staying ahead in the evolving IoT market were also discussed. The interview concluded by reflecting on the impact of MWC Kigali on PortaOne’s perspective regarding the future of MVNOs and IoT in Africa.

Our product, aptly named IoT Mill, represents a unified IoT device equipped with multiple sensors and the capability to seamlessly integrate additional sensors. Crucially, it possesses the ability to effortlessly transmit sensor-generated data to cloud data warehouses, empowering IoT companies to analyze data, produce insightful reports, and trigger timely alerts through device controllers. We intend to offer these IoT devices, IoT Mill, to mobile operators, MVNOs, and MNOs, who can, in turn, offer them to end-users and foster a nurturing environment for IoT startups.

Roman Khalenkov, CCO, PortaOne

This approach not only addresses the issue of IoT services commoditization but also significantly accelerates the time-to-market. In their experience, it typically takes 10 to 20 months to prototype and deliver a functional IoT solution. With their technology, this timeframe can be reduced to as little as one or two months. Consequently, their IoT device transcends the status of a mere prototype, emerging as a fully operational solution compatible with a range of IoT concepts. Customers enjoy the flexibility to implement it directly at their premises, liberating them from the confines of a lab, and to configure the seamless transfer of data from sensors to data warehouses.

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