Sicurlock’s Innovative Solutions Ensuring Telecom Site Security in Africa

Pedro Díaz Jiménez shed light on how Sicurlock ensures security, durability, and the importance of collaborative partnerships in Africa.

During the second edition of MWC in Kigali, Akim Benamara, Founder of TechAfrica News, and Pedro Díaz Jiménez, Managing Director of Sicurlock, discussed Sicurlock’s role in the African telco and MVNO market. Sicurlock’s commitment to tailored solutions, security enhancements, environmental adaptability, and collaborative ventures was a focal point in their engaging conversation. The future outlook presented by Pedro Díaz Jiménez underscores Sicurlock’s dedication to innovation and long-term success in Africa’s evolving telecom landscape.

We have experience in the African market, and one of the main situations we want to adapt here is areas with low connectivity. We provide real-time access control, and for that to work, there needs to be some kind of internet connection, and in some areas, that is not possible. We have an alternative solution in which we have an offline working mode. Here, if you enter an area with no connectivity, you can still access the sites.

Pedro Díaz Jiménez, Managing Director of Sicurlock

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