RCU and STC Forge 15-Year Pact to Propel AlUla’s Digital Renaissance in Landmark Collaboration

RCU and STC’s 15-year partnership aims to digitally transform AlUla, integrating advanced 5G infrastructure for progress.

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) has cemented its alliance with Saudi Telecom Company (STC), affirming a 15-year collaboration announced at the seventh annual Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh. This partnership showcases the joint vision of RCU and STC to drive AlUla’s digital transformation.

As part of this venture, STC will integrate neutral host infrastructure into AlUla’s existing ICT (information and communication technology) framework, which includes 5G enablement. This will solidify the county’s technological landscape, paving the way for high-speed, robust infrastructure advances to streamline digital capabilities and elevate AlUla’s progress on its digital transformation journey.

Neutral fibre optic networks are networks that are open to all service providers. They can offer benefits such as lower costs, higher speeds, and greater efficiency through sharing of resources.

The RCU-STC strategic partnership will not only improve the availability and quality of telecommunication in AlUla but also provide a myriad of opportunities for technologies that require high speeds and efficiency. Such improvements in telecommunications mean that more companies can serve AlUla’s residents and visitors, aligning with the goals of Vision 2030 to raise service quality throughout the Kingdom.

The integration of top-tier telecommunication technologies embodies RCU’s dedication to its community-first approach, focusing on enhancing residents’ quality of life through digital advancement.

Our collaboration with STC is an immensely significant step in AlUla’s digital transformation journey. By building advanced telecommunication infrastructure, we are setting the foundation for innovation, creating boundless opportunities for our community, and ensuring AlUla stands at the forefront of technological progress.

Waleed AlDayel, Chief of Strategy and Digital, RCU

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