Airtel Money and Bluewave Introduce Ddwaliro Care for Affordable Healthcare Coverage in Uganda

Airtel Money, Bluewave, and AAR partner to launch Ddwaliro Care, offering accessible and affordable health insurance.

In a significant development for accessible healthcare, Airtel Money Uganda and Bluewave Insurance Agency, in collaboration with AAR, introduced Ddwaliro Care.

Ddwaliro Care marks a new chapter in healthcare coverage, offering an affordable and easily accessible insurance plan. Japhet ARITHO, MD Airtel Money, highlighted the critical importance of good health, emphasizing how a single illness could lead to financial strain. Recognizing healthcare as a fundamental human right, the introduction of Ddwaliro Care aims to turn this right into a tangible reality. Going beyond conventional insurance, Ddwaliro Care extends its coverage to include up to six family members, providing peace of mind and enhancing the affordability and accessibility of healthcare for all.

Nassuna Christine, the Managing Director of AAR, expressed gratitude for this partnership, recognizing its potential to significantly impact the lives of Ugandans. Leveraging Airtel’s extensive network, AAR is committed to extending its services to a wider audience, ensuring that more individuals can benefit. This initiative, facilitated by AAR’s widespread network, allows all Airtel customers across the country to access essential healthcare services. Ultimately, this collaboration ensures that every Ugandan has access to affordable healthcare.

Adelaide Odhiambo, representing Bluewave, emphasized that Ddwaliro Care has been designed to eliminate the need for individuals to part with their possessions to afford healthcare. Leveraging trusted brands like Airtel Money and AAR, the initiative aims to reach a broader audience.

Benerd Obel, a representative of the Insurance Regulatory Authority, lauded this development as a significant milestone, making insurance more accessible and relevant to the wider population. The name Ddwaliro Care encapsulates a deep commitment to providing care and support to individuals.

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