SCCC and SAP Partner for Localized SAP Solutions, Paving the Way for Saudi Digital Transformation

SCCC hosts SAP solutions in local data centers, bolstering digital transformation efforts in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Cloud Computing Company (SCCC), a subsidiary of stc Group, an engine of digital transformation, and SAP have recently formed a significant partnership focused on strengthening collaboration in the realm of digital transformation in Saudi Arabia. As part of this partnership, SAP solutions will be hosted locally in SCCC data centres, providing enhanced data security.

The collaboration allows businesses to utilize the SaaS model by leveraging SAP’s advanced features that come with an ERP system. The innovation is hosted on a secure, integrated infrastructure, reducing latency and data sovereignty issues.

This agreement aligns with the Kingdom’s push to establish a robust digital economy, encourage innovation, and facilitate customary practices. It also underscores the endeavours that contribute to realising the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 objectives concerning digital transformation. The primary goal is to take a significant step in the ongoing efforts to activate a highly efficient digital system in the Kingdom. Through this partnership, new avenues for collaboration and opportunities will emerge in the business sector, enabling substantial growth by fostering innovation and deploying cutting-edge digital solutions in accordance with the needs of local companies.

The partnership between SCCC and SAP is set to revolutionize the digital landscape in the region with the use of the Alibaba Cloud Computing Technology. This pioneering platform is more than just an IT solution; it presents a unique opportunity for businesses to establish themselves in the Kingdom by providing a platform that fosters innovation, encourages healthy competition, and facilitates rapid growth. By leveraging the power of this technology, we are creating a future that aligns with Vision 2030.

Talal Al Bakr, CEO, SCCC

Our partnership marks a crucial moment in the technology integration and innovation landscape. It paves the way for wider access to SAP’s digital solutions, accelerating growth and driving innovation in the Kingdom. By leveraging stc group’s market access capabilities across all sectors, we are poised to create new opportunities and expedite the digital transformation journey. This strategic collaboration will unlock immense potential for businesses and fuel technological advancements in the Kingdom.

Mohammed AlRomaizan, Vice President, SAP KSA

The Kingdom’s business landscape can be transformed with the help of cutting-edge technology solutions that tap into local expertise and employ effective market leadership strategies, thereby creating new opportunities for growth and development.

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