NuRAN Wireless Secures Category 1 License for Enhanced Digital Communication Infrastructure Operations

NuRAN gains license enabling shared infrastructure operation, expanding services for mobile network operators in Cameroon.

NuRAN Wireless Inc., a distinguished provider of mobile and broadband wireless infrastructure solutions, has released a significant corporate update. The company announced the acquisition of its Category 1 License, which allows for the delivery and operation of shared passive infrastructure vital for digital communication networks.

This pivotal license not only enables NuRAN to implement its Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) business model for Orange Cameroon (Orange) but also heralds an opportunity for expansion. It permits the inclusion of multiple mobile network operators (MNOs) or “tenants” on sites, aligning NuRAN with established tower companies in providing comprehensive services.

While this license may not be an immediate requirement for the ongoing NaaS offering, it ensures complete fulfillment of the conditions precedent outlined by the DFI. This development grants NuRAN added flexibility for future endeavors, solidifying its position as a versatile player in the mobile and broadband wireless infrastructure sector.

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