MTN Rwanda Celebrates 25th Anniversary in Commitment to Digital and Financial Inclusion

MTN Group marks a quarter-century of connectivity, emphasizing continued investment for a prosperous, digitally connected Rwanda.

Driven to offer Africans hope, dignity and opportunity, MTN Group this week celebrated the 25th anniversary of MTN Rwanda at a gala event attended by President Paul Kagame and other dignitaries.

Who else would have found it easy to invest in a country that had just emerged from our tragic history, as we know it? We took risks, both of us, you took a risk with us, and we took a risk with you, but here, 25 years later I think we can say we are happy.

Paul Kagame, President, Rwanda

Speaking at the gala event held on the sidelines of Mobile World Congress Kigali, he added,

It’s not an understatement, it’s real, it is something we need to celebrate. I have no doubt, we will do even much better in the near future.

Paul Kagame, President, Rwanda

MTN Rwanda’s journey reflects our commitment to connecting Rwandans, and we thank all our stakeholders for travelling this path with us.

An enabling environment is one of the key requirements for MTN’s work to extend digital and financial inclusion across the continent, which aims to give Africans hope, dignity and opportunity.

Ralph Mupita, President and CEO, MTN Group

We will continue to invest in Rwanda and are committed to continuing to work with the government and people of this beautiful country to achieve our shared goal of a prosperous and digitally connected nation.

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the exceptional leadership and dedicated staff of MTN Rwanda. Their unwavering commitment, hard work, and passion have been instrumental in our success and have enabled us to make a meaningful impact on the lives of Rwandans.

Mapula Bodibe, CEO, MTN Rwanda

The company continues investing in networks and systems to expand its reach and deliver the benefits of a modern connected life to all Rwandans.

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