Smart Africa Digital Academy Partners with GSMA for International Training Program at MWC Kigali

Over 40 participants from 20 countries engage in transformative training at Smart Africa Digital Academy.

The Smart Africa Digital Academy (SADA) welcomed over 40 participants from 20 diverse countries for a two-day training program, facilitated with the backing of GSMA. Yvan Guéhi, Head of Brand and Communications at Smart Africa, emphasized the crucial role of informed transformation aligned with their mission.

To transform, we need to be informed so these trainings are aligned with our mission at Smart Africa.

Yvan Guéhi, Head of Brand and Communications, Smart Africa

During the second day of the training, conducted in conjunction with GSMA Africa at MWC Kigali, participants delved into the intersection of climate concerns and the mobile industry. They explored topics such as the impact of digital and mobile technologies on climate change, the carbon footprint of the mobile industry, strategies to address operational emissions, and the advantages of renewable energy for mobile networks.

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