Nigeria Launches AI Research Scheme to Foster Innovation and Economic Growth

Dr. ‘Bosun Tijani introduces a scheme funding 45 AI startups and researchers for sustainable innovation.

In a significant stride towards technological advancement, Dr. ‘Bosun Tijani, Minister of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy, Federal Republic of Nigeria, announced a pioneering initiative on social media.

To bolster the integration of Artificial Intelligence for economic prosperity, we have inaugurated the Nigeria Artificial Intelligence Research Scheme. This initiative aims to fund 45 consortia of startups and researchers, empowering them to delve deeper into opportunities and establish a sustainable AI ecosystem in Nigeria.

Dr. ‘Bosun Tijani, Minister of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy, Federal Republic of Nigeria

The primary objective of this scheme is to expedite the research and development endeavors of start-ups and researchers. By providing financial support and fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration within the AI industry, the initiative seeks to cultivate a dynamic and sustainable AI ecosystem in Nigeria.

Under this scheme, a substantial financial boost of up to N5,000,000 will be extended to each of the 45 AI researchers and start-ups. The eligibility criteria entail the formation of a consortium comprising a local startup or technology company, a local academic researcher, and, where feasible, a foreign researcher. Additionally, the applicants must align their research proposals with the priority areas outlined by the Federal Ministry of Communications and Innovation. A detailed project proposal highlighting its potential impact on the Nigerian economy is also a requisite, along with a proven track record of excellence in research or entrepreneurship. Furthermore, beneficiaries are expected to publish at least one peer-reviewed article within a year of receiving the grant.

This groundbreaking initiative is poised to propel Nigeria into the forefront of AI innovation, driving economic prosperity and technological prowess in the region.

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