IBC 2023 Post-Event Report: Illuminating the Global Tech Revolution

In a world characterized by constant change, the reputation of IBC as Europe’s foremost media and technology show remains unwavering, as exemplified by its 2023 edition.

TechAfrica News at IBC 2023

TechAfrica News was thrilled to return as official media partner for IBC 2023. Despite the geographical distance from Africa, the event proved to be a bustling nexus where industry leaders who significantly impact the African market converged. Within this dynamic gathering, media titans and tech visionaries from across the globe coalesced within tightly packed exhibition halls, vibrant networking events, and lively theaters. Together, they embarked on shaping the future of media and entertainment.

In the midst of this energetic event, there was a palpable sense of purpose. Business leaders and tech innovators united to pool their collective expertise, navigating the evolving media landscape, and building a brighter future for the industry. The event showcased cutting-edge technologies spanning various media sectors, offering a glimpse into the innovations that will define the future of broadcasting, streaming, TV, and satellite.

The global tech world descended upon Amsterdam, uniting for the greater good of global technological advancement. It serves as a testament to the international significance and influence of IBC in catalyzing change in the tech ecosystem. Rest assured, TechAfrica News is here to deliver all the captivating details and outcomes of this remarkable convergence.

Upon reviewing IBC 2023, it becomes evident that the future of technology is intrinsically linked to the collaborative spirit fostered by this event. This gathering showcased remarkable innovations propelling the industry forward. We are thrilled to have witnessed firsthand the latest advancements and emerging trends that have the potential to shape the future of technology.

Akim Benamara, Founder, TechAfrica News

Let’s Talk Numbers

This year, the event achieved a remarkable milestone, attracting 43,065 attendees from over 170 countries, marking a substantial 16% increase from the previous year’s 37,071 attendees.

In addition to the impressive turnout, more than 1,250 exhibitors representing a diverse range of media sectors were present, displaying the latest innovations. These exhibitions spanned across 13 exhibition halls, each brimming with leading-edge technology and visionary concepts. While this number was slightly less than the 1,700+ exhibitors in pre-pandemic years, it serves as a promising sign of what to anticipate in the future.

The event was a vibrant hub of knowledge exchange, with over 325 speakers passionately addressing industry-critical challenges and exploring innovative business models. The diverse range of insights added depth and richness to the event, reinforcing its pivotal role in shaping the media and entertainment landscape.

Key Conversations at IBC 2023: Themes and Topics

Amidst the plethora of discussions at IBC 2023, several key takeaways emerged:

Sustainability: Sustainability was not merely a buzzword at IBC 2023; it lay at the heart of the conference. The industry rallied around the critical issue of sustainability, from unveiling cutting-edge technology to groundbreaking devices. The discussions transcended mere lip service, delving deep into the essence of environmental responsibility in a rapidly evolving tech landscape. Industry leaders, innovators, and visionaries collaborated to chart the path forward. With climate change at the forefront of global concerns, sustainability is not a choice; it’s a necessity. The industry recognized its role as a change agent, steering toward greener pastures. The conversations at IBC 2023 resonated with the understanding that the choices made today will shape the world of tomorrow.

AI Innovations: In 2023, AI played a pivotal role, extending beyond technology. It became the driving force behind tailored experiences that cater to individual end-users’ demands and preferences. Beyond personalization, AI was acknowledged for its capacity to streamline processes and services within companies. The event emphasized that AI is more than a buzzword; it is a transformational force reshaping the IT sector from within.

Rural Community Focus: Significantly, the event focused on serving rural communities, exploring solutions ranging from satellite technologies facilitating access to education in remote areas to the introduction of TV and IPTV technologies, all aimed at fostering a more connected and improved future for these regions.

Exhibition Highlights

Let’s delve into the highlights from key exhibitors at IBC2023, along with brief descriptions of who they are and what they showcased:


t4h. is at the forefront of sustainability in the PayTV industry, offering eco-conscious remote control solutions tailored to modern living rooms. Their remotes are fully pre-integrated for RDK and AndroidTV and compatible with Linux and native systems. Tech4home prioritizes environmental responsibility by utilizing 100% recyclable or bio-based materials in their award-winning designs, harnessing innovative foils and photovoltaic panels for ultimate sustainability.

At t4h., we believe in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and nurturing the symbiotic relationship between technological advancements and environmental responsibility. Our remote controls represent the seamless fusion of innovation, sustainability, and captivating aesthetics, demonstrating our dedication to delivering exceptional products that resonate with both end-users and the industry at large.

Graça Candido, Co-Founder & Commercial Director, t4h.

Nice People at Work (NPAW)

NPAW showcased its latest offerings, including a product analytics tool and publisher analytics designed to provide in-depth data insights. These insights encompass critical KPIs like content usage, audience analytics, content consumption patterns, and user journey, facilitating data-driven decision-making in the video industry.

We’re dedicated to providing the best analytics for the African market. We have first offers and first solutions AI-based and we are still constantly going to work on this. That for sure going to be a major component on the roadmap for the next years.

Till Sudworth, CEO, NPAW


MwareTV discussed the company’s latest innovations, focusing on their new cloud-based platform. This platform enables users to create personalized apps with an integrated billing module, optimizing cost and revenue alignment for service providers.

Our platform is cloud-based, so the technology stack is quite low anyway. On top of that, you have the streaming, which we can facilitate in a very cost-effective way. We help them with content, which is targeting the mass market of Africa. We believe that there is a bigger market in what I call the middle area.

Cees van Versendaal, COO, MwareTV

ST Engineering iDirect

ST Engineering iDirect focused on bridging the IoT connectivity gap with satellite technology. Their commitment to Africa’s digital divide was evident. 

Satellite IoT or satellite connectivity is the only solution to provide ubiquitous coverage over a large landmass. Africa is a continent with a variety of different regions. Some of those regions are served very well by cellular connectivity and terrestrial connectivity, and some of them are not. To provide ubiquitous coverage over the whole of Africa, then satellite is the only solution for that.

Michael Minchin, Product Manager 2, ST Engineering iDirect

Minchin emphasized that satellite connectivity is the only viable solution for providing ubiquitous coverage across the diverse regions of Africa, particularly in remote areas. He emphasized the wide-ranging applications of satellite IoT in sectors such as transport, agriculture, wildlife protection, disaster prevention, and energy/mining, highlighting the adaptability of IoT services and the efficiency of their dynamic and fixed terminals for satellite tracking.

At IBC 2023 in Amsterdam, our Chief Editor Chris Green recently spoke with Alex Beach, Head of Media and Broadcast Market Development for ST Engineering iDirect. The conversation highlighted the latest innovations by ST Engineering iDirect being showcased at the event.


Intelsat launched a new broadcast connectivity service at IBC 2023 to revolutionize broadcasting in Africa. Intelsat unveiled its innovative content distribution system, IntelsatOne IP, set to transform the transportation of high-quality video content globally. This service leverages Intelsat’s extensive satellite and terrestrial expertise, offering unmatched reliability, global reach, content backup capabilities, and scalability. With an interconnected network driven by a software platform, IntelsatOne IP enables fast deployment without the need for hardware.

IntelsatOne IP increases the reach and flexibility of the Intelsat Global Media Network and complements our existing global satellite and fiber footprint. IntelsatOne IP offers more connectivity options to broadcasters of all sizes looking for more affordable and reliable ways to transport content as well as for those seeking new ways to increase viewership.

Pascale Fromont, Vice President, Media, Intelsat


Arabsat, the leading satellite services provider, significantly impacted IBC 2023 by unveiling its new brand identity and showcasing cutting-edge solutions. Attendees had the opportunity to network, exchange knowledge, and witness live demonstrations of Arabsat’s latest technological breakthroughs.

The satellite industry is experiencing rapid advancements, and we are proud to be driving innovation that responds to these dynamic changes. With our new brand identity, we are reinforcing our commitment to delivering unmatched value and services to our customers. As a key player in the industry, we are dedicated to meeting market needs and ensuring our services remain cutting-edge.

Eng. Alhamedi Alanezi, President & CEO, Arabsat


Eutelsat, in collaboration with industry leaders, including Amazon Web Services, Broadpeak, and others, showcased the DVB-NIP solution, demonstrating the practical applications of this groundbreaking technology. Two key demonstrations included Next-gen. DTH services, a fusion of OTT and traditional broadcast channels, showing how broadcasters can enhance their content offerings with the reliability and reach of broadcast channels and 5G network feeding, highlighting how 5G networks can efficiently distribute content using DVB-NIP and satellite technology, opening up innovative opportunities for content providers and network operators.

The integration of satellite robustness with cloud flexibility was showcased as the future of broadcasting, ensuring that high-quality content, including Ultra HD, can reach viewers without the limitations of terrestrial networks. This marks a broadcasting revolution, and Eutelsat is at the forefront, leading the charge in shaping the future of media and entertainment.

Mobile operators have been used to leveraging satellite technology to connect remote areas. Together with ENENSYS, we are happy to demonstrate how satellite can also contribute to the distribution of media services over mobile networks. This is the first step in showing how the emergence of 5G and the evolution toward 5G NTN will drive a deeper integration between satellite and mobile networks.

Annamaria Recchia, VP Commercial Development, Marketing & Product, Video, Eutelsat


Es’hailSat unveiled playout and media services at IBC 2023, promising a brighter future for media content delivery in Africa. Es’hailSat, the leading satellite communications company, unveiled its latest Playout and Media services offerings. This expansion complements their existing advanced satellite fleet, comprising Es’hail-1 and Es’hail-2, and their cutting-edge 50,000 sqm teleport facility located in Doha.

Es’hailSat continues to break new ground in the world of satellite communications. Our latest unveil of Playout and Media services at IBC 2023 reaffirms our dedication to providing top-notch solutions to a global audience. We’re excited to shape the future of broadcasting with innovation and quality as our guiding principles.

Ali Al Kuwari, President and CEO, Es’hailSat

A Successful IBC 2023! We Hope To See More!

As TechAfrica News, we’re thrilled to be part of this transformative journey, delivering the latest updates and innovations in the industry. Stay tuned for more from TechAfrica News.

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