Ericsson Launches Gen-E Graduate Program for ICT Talents in Middle East and Africa

Ericsson’s Gen-E Program empowers young talents with world-class ICT training and career development opportunities.

Ericsson has launched its Gen-E Graduate Program in the Middle East and Africa region to provide young talents world-class learning and career development opportunities.

The Ericsson Gen-E Graduate Program provides well-structured development alongside world-class Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry experts to promote the potential of youth in the ICT field.

Through experiential and tailored growth plans, the graduates will embark on an early-career journey that includes a series of training sessions, rotations, mentoring as well as gaining skills in areas like Internet of Things (IoT), 5G and other cutting-edge technologies.

Since the onset of the Graduate Programs across Middle East and Africa, we have witnessed hundreds of graduates soar into various roles across different countries, all while making significant strides in their careers. The GEN-E Graduate Program is a comprehensive personal and technical development journey that positions graduates alongside industry experts in contributing to revolutionary technologies that are shaping our tomorrow.

Sena Erten, Vice President and Head of People, Ericsson Middle East and Africa

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